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Pablo Prigioni injures ankle and there is no justice

Why, basketball Buddha?

Gregory Shamus

The universe is cold and cruel. We walk this Earth without purpose, until we one day return to the dirt. There is no such thing as Santa Claus.

In a related note:

Pablo went down hard driving to the rim during the Knicks' dookie-licious first half against the Detroit Pistons. It certainly looked bad; Pablo looked to be in serious pain and needed to be helped to the locker room.

The injury couldn't come at a worse time for New York, who are already missing starting point guard Jose Calderon. The team hasn't run a competent offensive set since the first quarter of their Wednesday night loss to the Washington Wizards, and now they will have to lean hard on the callow Shane Larkin as the only true point guard on the roster.

We can only hope that Pablo, who is composed primarily of carbon steel fibers wrapped tightly in rawhide, can heal quickly. Until then I'll be reading Sylvia Plath poems and crying my eyes out.