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Let's try to get Pablo Prigioni a bunch of All-Star votes!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Pablo Prigioni won handily with 35% of the vote! If you're with this little project, vote early and vote often on every device and social media platform available to you!

The 2014-2015 Knicks are a bad basketball team. I have not enjoyed watching them, and while I'm hopeful for their future, the current season has me feeling especially feeble in my lifelong attachment to a sports franchise. I want to control something, even something small. I think we could all use that.

There is an NBA All-Star Game in New York this year. Voting for it begins today. You can vote from the website, from your text messages, from Facebook, from Instagram, from your can probably vote from your toaster if you, like, toast hashtags onto some bread. I propose we agree to all vote on the same Knick. There are thousands of us, and if a lot of us made a persistent effort, we might register a tiny blip within this meaningless process and feel so very mighty for it.

Now, there's still a good chance the Knicks will send someone to the game. Carmelo Anthony's numbers are down this year, but he's still producing, and I imagine he's still a big enough name to get lots of votes. We have no idea how seriously the Knicks will take Melo's latest knee issues and how that might affect his All-Star availability. Forget about Melo for this exercise, though.

I want to concentrate voting on another Knick. It probably shouldn't be someone with even a modicum of an All-Star case. Like, Amar'e Stoudemire will probably get votes because he's Amar'e Stoudemire (and he's having a solid year!), and I bet the same goes for all of the Knicks who get regular, big minutes. I can think of a handful of Knicks for whom any appearance in the All-Star voting (tallies first revealed on Christmas) would be unmistakably our doing, and they're in the poll below. Should we try this?

I'll keep the poll open for a few hours and see where this takes us.