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Carmelo Anthony and his agent shot down the Berman "trade rumor"

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

So, while most of us were sleeping, Marc Berman floated a saucy rumor that Carmelo Anthony would consider waiving his no-trade clause. It's a carefully worded report that-- if you think about it-- doesn't actually say anything. If Melo wants to be traded, he will make it so. That's the story. That's obvious. The report uses the phrase "willingness to consider." Willingness to consider! That's not even a trade rumor. Anyway, Melo and his agent wasted no time tearing down that which didn't really require tearing:

Melo naming specific character flaws he'd have to be thinking about a trade 20 games in sure makes it seem like this isn't a real thing to consider. I'm so curious, then, who leaked stuff to Berman with the intent of making it a thing.

But yeah, if Melo ever gets tired of the Knicks, he can make a trade possible. It would require moving his large contract (plus trade kicker) along with him, so it wouldn't be easy. We knew all this. And we know Melo's been frustrated. The Knicks are losing, and losing is not fun. I don't detect any special drama here, at least not yet.

Incidentally, Melo and J.R. Smith are out again:

The Knicks do still play basketball!