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Game Thread: Knicks at Celtics- 12/12/14

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening! The Knicks are playing basketball tonight against the Celtics. First, some surprising news:

That smells so much to me like Melo playing on a sore knee because his name got kicked around in the Post today, but I dunno. Please don't hurt yourself for real, sir.

In the meantime, let's try to enjoy ourselves, eh? The Knicks will probably lose, because that's what they do, but...I dunno, maybe they won't. The Celtics with their feisty, defensive (and Rondoful, unless he's hurt and I'm missing something) backcourt and their floor-stretching frontcourt seem like a pretty killer opponent, but it's okay. We still have DraftExpress, and we still have each other, and we still have...look who it is! It's Bunsy the Triangle Mink! Everybody pet Bunsy! Good Bunsy!


This is your game thread. This is CelticsBlog. Please don't post large photos, GIFs, or links to illegal streams in the thread. Please be kind to one another, and please try to keep non-game banter to previous threads. Tip-off's at 7:30. New thread later, recap from MMiranda later than that. Go the Knicks!