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Injury updates for Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith

It was MRI Saturday in New York.

Elsa/Getty Images

Good evening! Now that the Knicks are back in New York, everybody got their MRIs, and the results are in. Iman Shumpert is going to be out at least a little while after dislocating his shoulder Friday night:

Feel better, Shump. That recovery could take longer than those 3 weeks, but no shoulder dislocation I've ever heard of has caused long-lasting issues after the initial healing.

Meanwhile, J.R. Smith is truly hurt but it sounds like he'll continue to play in the near future:

That sounds very painful, and perhaps it'll be something J.R. has to manage for some time to come. And on that note, the prognosis for Carmelo Anthony's knee is that he'll check the pain each day, with the potential for a fuller shutdown if things gets worse and the surgery option still looming.

In summary: I guess we'll be seeing a lot of Tim Hardaway Jr.! Cleanthony Early's reevaluation date is nearing, but I doubt he'll be ready anytime soon, which is a shame. Be well, Knicks. No need to rush, no need to push.