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Final Score: Raptors 95, Knicks 90

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

That was a slightly different kind of Knicks game! Instead of sucking farts, falling way behind, and rallying back, the Knicks stayed right with the Raptors all night. They actually followed through for once on their professed intention to send ball-handlers toward the sidelines, and for the first time since the advent of the free throw, they got to the line more than their opponent did.

Interestingly enough, Derek Fisher let the Knicks steer far away from the Triangle offense through the last few minutes of regulation. They ran a spread, actually trying to win and stuff, and generated some cleaner looks to pull even before going cold over the final 2 minutes. Carmelo Anthony blew past Patrick Patterson on New York's to tie things on New York's final play of regulation, then the Raps rimmed out two off-balance shots and things went to OT.

And then the Knicks did nothing good, hit roughly no shots, and lost in extra time. They reached the destination of a signature moral victory, they just took an unusual route to get there. Some nice moments on defense against an efficient opponent, some strong stretches (and hustle plays!) from Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, and a collapse when it counted. 5-21 it is.