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Wednesday Big Roughies



Good day, you squirming satchels of meat! I bought some links for you. They smell a, but they're all I've got. Give them a try!

- In the latest edition of Fish Have Very Good Names, I present to you the Big Roughy, which is part of the slimehead family-- so named because their heads are full of boogers.

- First a bit of news: We won't see J.R. Smith on Thursday in Chicago.

- I'm still digesting what I saw here, but if you follow NBA reporting and want to press your ear against the wall of the rumor-mongering room, you're gonna wanna read Kevin Draper's Woj piece.

- I saw a lot of people on Twitter like UH OH FISHER GOING IN after these post-game comments and the platoon substitution early in the game, but I dunno, he still seems pretty reserved to me.

- The more interesting Fisher comments, to me, came from the last game. It reads a little like excuse-making, but I think Fisher's got a point that it's hard to drill down a system with guys who know they won't be around for its hopeful heyday. We've talked about that before.

- Our friend Aaron on a few Knicks who could be traded.

- If you want to appreciate the tanking and/or love listening to the same six rap beats from 2004, keep checking DraftExpress's excellent scouting videos, including the latest: Okafor vs. Kaminsky.

- I think Shoals' gloomy appraisal of the Knicks' future is fair, and I think he has (and everyone has) good points about Carmelo Anthony's better fit in Chicago, but reading this gave me an unexpected jolt of appreciation for Melo and the fact that he chose New York TWICE despite logic pointing him in other directions. Cause, ya know, that's what we've done the last 20 years as fans of a team that often hurts us. Anyway, I think we should each get millions of dollars for our troubles.

- Channing Frye reflecting on his terrible, dysfunctional Knicks teams is pretty entertaining. I wish he could have been a Knick during good times. This is also a reminder that we're experiencing so far this season is nowhere near the drama/turmoil we've seen before. This is nothing.

- The brilliant Dylan Murphy on the Knicks' Triangle and how we must beeeee paaaaatieeeeeent.

Good, thorough work on Shane Larkin, how he got here, and what his value is right now.

That's all! Have a fantastic afternoon.