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Marc Stein throws the Knicks into the Rajon Rondo rumors

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The monthly "no seriously the Celtics are gonna trade Rajon Rondo this time" rumors are sizzling again, with the Mavericks now appearing the strongest contender to make a deal for Rondo. But, for our purposes, here's Marc Stein pass along that the Knicks have made that call as well:

This is the full story. I dunno. Everybody calls everybody, and this smells like someone leaking the Knicks' involvement to build leverage for someone else, because that's what the Knicks are here for.

I think this is a thing to ignore, but while it's out there, here is just about the only way New York could balance a deal for Rondo:


Boom. It's like it was made to happen. Get 'er done.