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Here are the New York All-Star jerseys

Did you know All-Star Weekend is in New York this year? I'd forgotten. While the basketball teams here are kinda embarrassing at the moment, Manhattan and Brooklyn have lovely basketball-playing facilities, and now they've got handsome jerseys, too.

Thanks Darren! You can see more details -- and these are a bit more complex than they look -- at I like them. They look a bit like old playground tournament jerseys, and the description in that link for the patterns on the five stars is actually pretty neat. I don't know why Adidas is so into putting first names on jerseys lately, but the first and last thing could look cool. It'd be cooler if they all just said "NYC ALL-STAR" like that, even on the front. Good jersey.

(Side note: Last time the All-Star Game was in New York, in 1998, Patrick Ewing was hurt. Hopefully Carmelo Anthony will not be hurt! I guess I'm assuming he should be an All-Star again. He should be an All-Star again, right? Don't get hurt, Melo! Or don't get, like, badly hurt! If you wanna stub your toe and sit out 4 months that's still fine with me. All-Star, though. What were we talking about?)