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Final Score: Suns 99, Knicks 90

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It was a Knicks game! New York looked surprisingly peppy and productive for most of their Saturday matinee against the Suns, then played weird lineups, took weird shots, and gave up buckets down the stretch. Samuel Dalembert nearly broke the tank with his dunkings, but the Knicks got it done.

I'm seriously blown away every game at how expertly the Knicks walk the line between competing and winning. It's magical. Today we saw some real energy from Carmelo Anthony, a fantastic Jose Calderon shooting performance, a Cole Aldrich start, a whoooole lot of Jason Smith, some interesting manipulation of the Triangle ... and a loss. It wasn't even close in the final minute or two. Get them ping-pong balls, Knicks.

Kentucky tips off on CBS at 3:30. Joe's coming at ya with a recap (of the Knicks game, though we're getting closer and closer to the point at which we start recapping college games) later.