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Raptors 118, Knicks 108: "The opposite of yesterday. Boring."

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks didn't quite get blown out of the water, and they didn't quite compete. They just lagged 10-20 points behind the Raptors for most of Sunday afternoon's game, allowing anything resembling a run to get shot down by open Toronto three-pointers. Like xcdudesquad, this game had none of the morally victorious charm of the loss to the Suns.

Cole Aldrich had some fun-- especially after Sam Dalembert got tossed for throwing 'bows-- and Pablo Prigioni and Jose Calderon spent some time throwing nice entry passes. Pablo even finished a couple transition plays himself to end the first half!

My main takeaway from this one was Carmelo Anthony spending waaaayyy too much time on the floor. Melo produced despite visible pain, but 38 minutes is...well, it's about 38 minutes too many. He didn't sit until about the 6-minute mark of the fourth quarter. That really needs to stop.

I dunno. When the Knicks go into each game damn near planning to lose, one just hopes they'll do something fun and keep it close, and there wasn't much of that this afternoon. 52 more games! And even more ping-pong balls!

(This is your recap, by the way. Lame game.)