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Thursday Black Seadevils


Good day! I hope you are feeling well and comfortable. I have some links for you to brush against your lips, sprinkle into your hair, and rub against your neck skin. No sex stuff, though. Take it easy with the links.

- Speaking of sex, if you haven't seen the cool new video of a deep-sea anglerfish (a member of the family Melanocetidae, the black seadevils) creepin' around in the deep, deep sea, I recommend it:

- Li'l news update: J.R. Smith is expected to return tonight. Guess it wasn't mumps

- I am surprised (not extremely surprised, but surprised) that the Knicks run the most efficient ATOs in the NBA so far. I resent the notion that Amar'e Stoudemire has "no legs."

- I think I've mentioned this before, but our friend Jonathan Fishner has taken the Knicks Power Rankings torch, and he's doing a very entertaining job of it at Gothamist.

I don't know!

- A few days old now, but interesting: The Knicks aren't getting blown out all the time. They're losing a lot of close games(clearly, but...yeah).

This is an interesting exercise, and I think most of the judgments made within are sound, but this reads like neither of these guys has actually watched the Knicks much this season. Like, these comments sound like they were made in September.

- Months old, but I've had this tab saved a while: Pictures of Derek Fisher's home life and gameday routine.

Knicks-Cavs tonight at 8. On national TV. That's probably gonna be horrible! See you then.