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Final Score: Blazers 103, Knicks 99

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Knicks are Charlie Brown, and Lucy, and the football. This start to December has been impressive:


Good team? Bad team? Doesn't matter. The Knicks will meet you on the basketball court and match exactly 98% of your output.

This is more impressive:

The Knicks have the refined hand of a master artist with these losses. They get right up to the peak, then launch themselves backward into the abyss. They are both an artist and a mountain climber. Mmhmm.

Every time. What I like more about these losses than some of this year's previous losses (YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I'M TEASING APART THE DETAILS OF LOSSES. I'VE DRUNK SO MANY LOSSES I CAN TASTE THE ACIDIC AFTERTASTE AND TOP NOTES OF MORAL VICTORY) is that the Knicks are getting themselves increasingly decent, increasingly Triangular looks at key moments in games. The lineups seem to be chosen randomly, but they're not behaving randomly. If I can't have an actual winning team, that's all I want. And I want Karl Towns.

So yeah, again, at some point the Knicks could really use a win or three before things turn so sour that they start clawing and biting one another. Those shots need to fall at some point. But...I think I'm seeing things. Maybe I'm just projecting. Maybe I've lost my mind. Whatever. Christian's recap will be up later. Be well!