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Phil Jackson: "What we have to do is protect our future"

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Phil Jackson spoke Monday morning to a grumbling of beat reporters, his first media availability in weeks. If the Knicks post a video of the press conference, I will share it. In the meantime, here are some things Dad said that stand out to me:

On the team's start and response to the system:

On trades:


On free agency:

On tanking and the draft:


On Carmelo Anthony:

On J.R. Smith:

On Andrea Bargnani:

In summary: I see a president trying to tickle everyone's ear holes at once at a trying juncture. That's what presidents do. He wants us to know he's unhappy with losing, but cares more about the quality of play than the final result. He wants to encourage the guys on the team, but acknowledges some of them aren't in the long-term plans. He's looking at trades, but only with long-term goals in mind. He won't tell you he's tanking, but hell yeah he's thinking hard about that draft pick. Phil Jackson offered a bit of something for everybody. Just like the scattered start to Derek Fisher's coaching career, you'll find whatever meaning you're looking for in Dad's words.