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J.R. Smith broke his cheekbone, will wear a mask

He should be able to keep playing.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Late in the Knicks' loss to the Thunder, J.R. Smith took a Kevin Durant knee to the face:


J.R. ended up returning to the game with a sad-looking face, but he wasn't actually in one piece:

I see only two possibilities here:

1. Masked J.R. is the best player in the NBA. He never misses a shot ever.

2. J.R. misses his first couple shots, then rips the mask off and never wears it again.

The other important question is what the mask will look like. The standard clear thing? Something in a solid color? This janky-looking Nando de Colo joint? Lucha libre mask? Dead Presidents? Just a bunch of headbands? OR...


Do it, Dr. Hinds.