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Tuesday Ocean Pouts


Steven G. Johnson

Good afterbutt, mops. The Knicks play their final pre-All-Star game tomorrow night against the Kings. Then everyone but Carmelo Anthony and Tim Hardaway Jr. is off for a week. Updates on all that stuff and more in today's LINKS:

Ocean pout blood contains antifreeze proteins that allow them to hang out in extremely cold water without freezing to death. They live on the coast of New England and Eastern Canada and they seem like nice doggies. (By the way, a tip of the hat.)

- Okay, first some trade rumor things from Marc Stein:

1. The Wizards want a back-up point guard and apparently covet Beno Udrih, who has requested a trade, so the Knicks should probably be into that. That might just be a swap for a second-rounder, but the Wizards also have Glen Rice Jr. hanging out on the bench if the Knicks want another junior, and there's also this terrifyingly exact match in salaries:



2. Stein says the Knicks are trying to make that old Iman Shumpert-for-Kenneth Faried trade idea happen again, which I still don't like or regard as probable. We'll see. Deadline's approaching. (Update, via abe 88: One proposed package is Shump and Beno for Faried and Jordan Hamilton).

- Practice stuff:

1. Tim Hardaway Jr. hurt his leg at some point, but Woodson says he'll play Wednesday. I'd let him rest, but whatever.

2. The Knicks actually scrimmaged today, which is rare, and it sounds like there was some FOUL PLAY.

Marky Wark was at Wichita State today, in case you were wondering where Marky Wark was today.


- Via Bluecheese, Tim Hardaway Jr. will also co-coach a Special Olympics competition during All-Star weekend. Busy every day!

Lovely li'l Melo animation sent to me by Nathan Gelgud.

- Yes, I support the idea to replace Knickerbocker Avenue signs with monuments to weird Knicks history.

- Two good pieces about the Knicks' inevitable coaching search by our friends Jimbob and Joebob.

[kissy face] Have a lovely rest of your day and evening.

Update: Ooooooh boy: