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Friday Roughback Batfish


Good day! Happy Valentine's Day. I'll have a thread up tonight for the Friday All-Star stuff, including Tim Hardaway Jr.'s turn in the Rising Stars game. For now, some links I've been buildin' up over the last few days. They accumulated in my teeth like plaque.

- I really don't know what the deal is with batfishes (of the genus Ogcocephalus), but I know I like them, I know they "walk" on the ocean floor instead of swimming, I know I like this photo of the roughback batfish and I don't think it's fair this guy got to be named for his red lips because the roughback batfish clearly wears lipstick, too. Here's a video.

- Our good friends are asking (and doing their best to answer) important questions about the Knicks and Carmelo AnthonyJoe from China/PA asks why Mike Woodson can't just call a damn play for Melo down the stretch of a game. Chris from New York by way of the midwest asks if Melo's excess of minutes has something to do with his late-game inaccuracy. Jim from the middle of damn nowhere asks if Melo is as one-dimensional as his reputation suggests.

- Two podcasts I went on this week: 1. This one, in which I talked about the Knicks and agreed to shave my head if Ben McLemore sticks a 720 in the dunk contest. 2. This one, talking Knicks-Kings with a Kingsman.

Mark Deeks's annual Where Are They Now? post is as thorough and excellent as ever, and obviously includes a lot of former Knicks. Shandon Anderson owns a vegan restaurant! Vin Baker is a minister!  Clarence Weatherspoon makes ringtones! WHERE ARE JAMISON BREWER AND JACKIE BUTLER!?!

- Just making sure everyone saw Amar'e's fur/menorah chain combination.

- Yeah, the Knicks are underachieving by any measure.

This guy told people he was gonna have the Knicks play a game in Taiwan. He was not telling the truth.

- It is my opinion that the Knicks should shoot more free throws. They don't shoot a lot. be fair, at least that makes their games shorter.

- I don't think this is an actual report. It reads like Marc Berman just saying San Antonio is a team that might like to trade for Beno Udrih because they liked him before.


I made this about good/famous NBA players who failed in the dunk contest before they became good/famous, including Knick legends Allan Houston and Larry Hughes (before they became Knick legends).

Some Melo trade ideas, if you're into that/are still entertaining the idea of a trade happening.

Those are the links. Hope you're having a great Friday. What'd you eat for lunch?