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Carmelo Anthony kind of actually said some things

Sort of. A little.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Not an hour ago, I said in the comments that we're better off just ignoring everything Carmelo Anthony says about the future because it is in his best interest to be vaguely diplomatic and diplomatically vague. He mostly says nothing, and understandably so. Well, Melo just did his All-Star media availability, and while he didn't go out and answer every question on Knicks fans' minds, he did say more than nothing, including:

1. According to Melo, Mike Woodson will not be fired during the All-Star break. It's funny that this is how we hear this (and nuts, if not surprising, that Woodson continues to survive), but I believe Melo.

2. Melo says he knows for a fact that he won't get traded before the deadline. I think we were already pretty certain of that.

3. Melo, for what I believe is the first time, entertained the possibility of taking less than maximum salary from the Knicks to allow them additional team-building flexibility from 2015 forward:

So, that's nice. That, to me, is the ideal Melo outcome, though the questions of 1. How much less? and 2. Can the Knicks be trusted to get the best, best-fitting value out of that extra money? remain. Melo said some other stuff about free agency today:

4. Most important, Melo says the Knicks need a mascot. I agree. If I weren't against humanoid mascots, I'd be okay with a life-sized Father Knickerbocker. I'd be happier with a big weird pigeon or a friendly rat.

So, I'm a hypocrite. There are some semi-actual-things from a Melo press conference, and I am reading into them a little because they're relatively straightforward. There are still waaaaaaay more questions than answers, most immediately relating to the trade deadline, but we know a couple more things than we used to. Or at least we think we do.

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