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NBA Trade Deadline: The Knicks are just begging for Rajon Rondo now


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Berman followed up yesterday's rumors with a Knicks-tinged report that suggests: 1. Kyle Lowry probably isn't going anywhere. 2. The Knicks don't want Jeff Teague anyway SO THERE.

But New York does want a point guard, dammit, because Raymond Felton isn't passing muster and the Knicks want a better point guard and it's not fair that no one's giving the Knicks a point guard seriously guys. After shaking the Lowry and Teague trees apparently didn't bear fruit, the Knicks are back to beating on the Celtics' door:

These are the Knicks. They have little to offer, they know you're going to say no, but they get frustrated and desperate and just keep trying.

"Ronnie? Ronnie Ronnie? RONDOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Please don't do something dumb, Knicks.