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Final Score: Grizzlies 98, Knicks 93


Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

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DAMMIT. I don't know how I let my guard down. I guess the All-Star break softened me or something. But I cared. I really did, and I really thought the Knicks had taken control near the end of this game. I was excited. And I feel so stupid now and I want to punch myself in the uvula.

The Knicks fell down by many digits in quickly and had us all glazed over and/or ready to change channels by halftime. And then, in the second half, they didn't just come back with a run, but with a marked, sustained uptick in defensive energy and offensive execution. And they took a genuine multi-possession lead with just minutes left in the game. And then they blew that. A few lucky Grizzly baskets, a few blown coverages, one miserably botched two-for-one, and a couple rim-outs, and the Knicks lost again. I can't believe they fooled me.

More on this one very late at night or in the morning or never. Enjoy watching something else.