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NBA Trade Deadline: Nuggets may want Udrih, Knicks-Clippers deal may be shifting

Hey, sure.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, here's a nice little trade possibility. I figure someone other than the Knicks is going to end up with Beno Udrih by the time this is over:

Sure. Udrih is nothing to the Knicks. Hamilton is a young wing who can score and who plays relatively light minutes in Denver. He's also a goddamn superstar in Summer League and that MEANS A LOT TO ME. He's also in the last year of his rookie deal, so he might amount to nothing for New York. A pick would be better, I reckon. But anyway, there's this:


Does it suggest that? That's kinda yucky. Using Iman Shumpert JUST to get rid of Raymond Felton as soon as possible in exchange for a cheaper and better-but-not-significantly-better point guard like Darren Collison is a little sweeter when Bullock's involved instead of Barnes. Barnes' contract runs out of guaranteed money by 2015, so he's fine in that respect, but he's still Matt Barnes, and Matt Barnes isn't young and promising. Funny, but neither young nor promising. I understand the desire to get rid of Felton, but I like to think the Knicks can do better if they're including Shumpert. I don't know. I don't know what Shumpert's value really is. I wish they'd just fired their damn coach.

That little Udrih-for-Hamilton is nice, though. I'd do that one either way. Or not. Something like that. Whatever. Nothing matters.

Update: (8:24 PM)


Update (8:45 PM):