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Iman Shumpert hurt his left knee

A "sprain" for the time being.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The Knicks won! It wasn't a very pleasant game, but Carmelo Anthony is really great. Better than Luke Babbitt, even. I'll write something up about that later.

In news more relevant to trade deadline stuff, Iman Shumpert hurt himself. His left knee, specifically, which is the last thing he ought to hurt. It didn't look great. It looked like this:


The Knicks are calling it a "sprained left knee." I worry it's something worse than that, since it's the knee that required surgery after Shump tore his ACL in 2012. It has seemed for months (shit, years), and especially on Wednesday, like the Knicks were trying hard to trade Shumpert somewhere, though it sounded like talks were breaking down last we heard. The Toronto thing went away, the Nuggets were never that interested, and the Clippers deal seems to have crumbled, too. I don't know how this affects that. Still over 15 hours until the deadline. I really hope you're okay, Shump.

Update: Shump's road trip is over. He's headed home for tests:



That's...something? Iman does know what an injured ACL feels like.

Update: Oh, it's the Knicks saying that:

Update: Woj has specifics, somehow:


Okay, but how badly?