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3 PM today.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good day. The NBA trade deadline is at 3 PM EST today. The Knicks have yet to make a trade. Let's catch up on where things stand rumor-wise this morning:

1. The Knicks-Clippers deal that seemed to be gaining steam Wednesday afternoon seemed to be losing steam Wednesday night, even before the key to such a deal, Iman Shumpert, went down with a sprained knee:

Adrian Wojnarowski reported after the game that Shumpert is headed back to New York for tests on a sprained MCL, and that talks between the Knicks and Clippers had ended. Chris Broussard said otherwise, but I think that's because he corresponds with sources via carrier slug and didn't hear the initial rumors until nighttime.

2. Beno Udrih is just sitting around waiting to get traded. Last we heard, it kinda sounded like teams hoping to make a playoff push were competing for Beno's love!

The Nuggets are reportedly offering Jordan Hamilton. The Wizards could offer someone like Glen Rice Jr. or Garrett Temple or the terrifyingly exact-matching salary of Al Harrington. If the Knicks are smart, they should pit the teams competing for Beno's services against each other until they can get a second-rounder. Or a first-rounder. Or JOHN WALL COME ON NOW WIZARDS DO YOU WANT BENO OR NOT.

3. There is this lying around, presumably via David Aldridge and not the district attorney:

But that's just an inquiry. And a weird one. That's it. The only real rumors have been Shump-centric or Beno-centric. The former may have waned for good, the latter should probably come to fruition by 3 PM. Updates to come!

Update (12:14 PM):

If it's Singleton, the Knicks would have to include more salary to reach a match. Cole Aldrich would make that trade work. I'd prefer a second-rounder to Chris Singleton. I'd also prefer Jordan Hamilton.

Update (12:44 PM):

I'll make up a new post if this becomes more solid.

Update (1:12 PM): Chris Broussard, but...

Never mind. I'm ignoring Broussard from now on.

Update (1:41 PM): Okay, so there goes that:

Update (2:04 PM):

Update (2:41 PM) Details of Shump's MCL sprain prognosis are leaking, which is ominous, and now there's this. I think something's happening.

Update (2:52 PM)