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The Knicks did not make any deadline trades


Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Whew. I wrote and deleted like three posts today. The deadline has passed without anything happening.

Some things were close to happening, but didn't. After a couple teams had expressed interest in the trade-requestin' Beno Udrih, it sounded like he might head to Denver in exchange for Jordan Hamilton. He didn't. He's stuck in New York, which must be awkward for all parties.

Meanwhile, this trade...

...was VERY close to getting done and went up right until the deadline, but ultimately fell through. This came after the Knicks reportedly shot down the Thunder's offer of a first-rounder (maybe their own in the late 20s, maybe the Mavericks', which is top-20 protected for the next few years), then presumably tried to use that offer for leverage with the Clippers (which...obviously didn't work, unless you consider Willie Green a major deal-sweetener).

So here we are. All the Knicks who were Knicks are still Knicks. That includes Beno, who must be super grumpy. That includes Raymond Felton, who's been sad and going through some off-court issues, but at least  now finally knows he won't get dealt. At least not yet, because that contract's still a little problem. And that includes Shumpert, who has somehow survived yet another round of rumors centered almost entirely on the Knicks' odd commitment to exiling him instead of developing him. All these guys still play for Mike Woodson.

I hope the Knicks can make something useful out of Shumpert. I believe a useful player is in there, and the fact that quality organizations like the Clippers and Thunder were interested leads me to believe I'm not alone. If developing Shump isn't in the cards, I hope they can get reasonable value in a trade for him. I don't think swapping Darren Collison's friendlier contract in for Felton's was good enough value, especially without a decent youngster coming back in return (there's plenty of time to trade Felton). A first-rounder might have been good value. I don't know. I don't know what Iman Shumpert's real value is. I feel like Mike Woodson's system has muddied it-- it's unclear whether he was just a flash in the pan or whether his growth has been stunted. If Woodson had been fired a while ago, we might have a better sense of this (among other things).

So, they're the same Knicks, to a man. I didn't see that coming. 28 more games of this.