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Woj: Knicks finalizing deal with Earl Clark


David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

At first it was just pursuit, now it sounds like a real thing:

Why? Because "the Knicks are trying to sign two defensive-minded players before meeting the Miami Heat on Thursday," which is pretty funny because, again, the Knicks just cut Metta World Peace and, again, their defense sucks beyond repair.

But uh, Earl Clark is fine. He's 26 and a reasonably coordinated tall person. Not a Big Man but a biggish man who finds himself facing up a lot. Many photos of him in the SB Nation photo editor are shots in which he's dribbling the ball with a face full of regret. I think of Clark as a decent defender, but I don't know where I got that from, and I also don't think it matters much in the context of New York's ruinous free-for-all. Clark's numbers suggest he fancies himself a three or stretch-four, so I don't know how well he fits alongside Carmelo Anthony, which is an issue because Melo plays roughly 60 minutes a game. Well, it would be an issue if any of this mattered. Life is meaningless, so, sure, sign Earl Clark.

Earl Clark is named Earl, which is good. We like Earls in New York. I don't think this is actually his Twitter account like B-Ref suggests.

Once this becomes official, the Knicks will have one spot left, and it sounds like they'll act quickly to fill it. I hope they choose someone younger and more mysterious, because that would be fun, and there is some minuscule chance of long-term reward.