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Berman: Raymond Felton will return to the Knicks immediately

Practice Wednesday, game Thursday, and onward.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

At the end of a day several Knicks beat reporters spent camped at a courthouse, Marc Berman of The Post reports Raymond Felton won't miss a beat basketball-wise despite getting charged with two gun-possession related felonies:

Raymond Felton will be back at practice Wednesday and will start at point guard for the Knicks on Thursday in Miami, The Post has learned.

So, from the look of things, unless the league steps in, Felton's season with the Knicks will go on as if nothing happened, provided New York doesn't make it to the Finals. As things currently stand, Felton is next due in court June 2. The possible consequences of his charges were all embedded in this post.

This is...weird to me, and seems like it could make things tense between Felton, the organization, teammates, the media, fans and so forth. Like, things were already plenty tense, but this is a whole new layer of real-world stuff piled on top. I don't know. This season sucks.