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ESPN: Knicks will sign Shannon Brown, too

They would.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

When the Knicks waived Beno Udrih and Metta World Peace, many of us hoped they'd use the two open spots to give young players a chance to prove themselves. Well, the first spot sounds like it's definitely going to Earl Clark, and now it looks like the second is locked up, too:

(This confirms what Brian from Twitter told me today!)

Earl Clark is fine. Shannon Brown is fine. He couldn't stick with the Spurs this year, but he had a couple decent seasons with the Suns before that. If the Knicks were good and needed to fill in cracks as they approached the playoffs, I'd be fine with signings like those. The Knicks are one big crack, though, and there will be no filling. So it'll just be Earl Clark and Shannon Brown hopping on New York's bandwagon into the abyss and maybe getting a few minutes along the way. I hope Brown and Clark help, but as a very shooting shooting guard and a mostly positionless biggish guy, I don't think they're obvious fits. Pretty much the opposite. And even if Brown and Clark did fit this roster, I don't think short-term help really helps that much. I'd rather the Knicks toss a long-term dart with a D-Leaguer or a fringe young guy. Whatever, though. Maybe they won't keep them past their ten-days. Neither are CAA clients, in case you're wondering.

When this becomes official: Welcome to the Knicks, Shannon and Earl!