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Wednesday Yellow Boxfish


Norbert Potensky

Good day! No game tonight. Just practice. And links.

- I've been reading about the family Ostraciidae this morning-- boxfishes, trunkfishes, cowfishes, and cofferfishes. These are weirdly square- or tent-shaped fishes with buggy eyes that putter around at the bottom of the ocean. Since they're so slow and gentle, they often have toxic skin secretions to ward off predation. My favorite thing I learned is that a Mercedes concept car from a few years ago, the Bionicis based on the yellow boxfish, Ostracion cubicus.

- Unless there is a new development, Raymond Felton's court case is going to move from plot to subplot until June. The case matters to the Knicks and it'll be on our minds as we watch Felton play and speak to media, so the topic is going to keep coming up. That's understandable, but now that the case is paused, I hope we can avoid the kind of speculation and armchair judgment regarding a case none of us fully understand that ran wild on Tuesday. Let's also keep in mind that these are real people's actual lives before joking about the case. Or just don't joke about the case, because your joke almost certainly isn't funny. Please think hard about the context-- a Knicks blog, and an audience of thousands of near-strangers-- before you comment. Please do that anyway, but especially when talking about real-life stuff. If it's not Knicks and doesn't lend itself to civil, reasoned conversation, then we don't need it here. And if you see that kind of commentary and think it's just inviting trouble, please flag or email me and move on instead of providing said trouble. This isn't that kind of blog.

- In the always-excellent This Week in Knicks, Jonathan Fishner fleshed out the comparisons between the career arcs of Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony.

- Now that Jeremy Tyler has some real minutes behind him, Jam The Van asks if he's worth the Knicks' long-term investment.

And here's Jammyjim on Pablo Prigioni and what he means to the Knicks at this point.

Jared Dubin explains, clearly and at length, why the Knicks' defense is just so, so terrible.

- The question comes up a lot, so here's Chris Herring telling you just how generous FARTDOG and the Knicks have been about giving up great games to their opponents.

- My friend Martin Rickman walks us back through Metta World Peace's finest contribution as a Knick: a whole lot of very good tweets.

I answered some questions for SB Nation's Michigan blog about how Tim Hardaway Jr.'s faring in New York, and in the hearts of Knicks fans.

- Something very cool and long-awaited: B-Ref now has detailed, historic shot location data for every player.

- I've been sitting on some of these tabs for a few days so, uh, here's that thing about a kid getting arrested for threatening James Dolan. don't do that.

- There is going to be a meet-up next week. Wednesday. Details coming soon.


Those are the links. Hope you're having a fine and lunchy Wednesday.

(Note: This post originally said Tuesday in the headline. I thought today was Tuesday when I started writing the post, but somehow figured things out along the way.)