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The best translated portions of Andrea Bargnani's recently discovered blog

The famous fox can't reach the grapes.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I learned today via the great Kenny Ducey that Andrea Bargnani has been contributing blog posts to Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport intermittently throughout the season. He joins esteemed company of foreign Knicks bloggers, including Timofey Mozgov and Pablo Prigioni. I can't read Italian and encourage anyone who can to write up a Fanpost with a proper translation, but Google Translate does a decent job uncovering a pretty straightforward, uninteresting (albeit emoji-laced) couple of blog posts. Actually, the best parts are the parts Google Translate clearly can't handle:

From February 20:

"We are not made ​​very well but being in the East not too bad I would say."

I've written thousands of words about the Knicks this season and haven't come close to summarizing their situation as elegantly as Bargnani via Google Translate.

From December 20:

The famous phrase "the regular-season games in the NBA does not count for anything, there 'a lot more' pressure in Europe" bullshit! :-) fact most of the people who say so are the famous foxes who do not reach the grapes or people who watch only 'charts without actually follow the games or the NBA season.

I can't fully tell what Bargnani and Google Translate are trying to say here, but I think they just called analytics-minded people "famous foxes who do not reach the grapes" which is an extremely sick burn. Grapes grow on vines. They're pretty easy to reach, even for foxes. If you're a fox and can't reach the grapes, then how the hell did you become so famous? For your short, stupid fox arms?

(Update: Via mooch31, one of Aesop's Fables is "The Fox and the Grapes". I had no idea! And now I get where Andrea's coming from!)

I assure you that in America every game is played to death.

Yes, true. It's gladiator shit over here.

sometimes there are matches obscene to see during the regular season

Sometimes most of the matches are obscene to see during the regular season. :(

Some days the body simply refuses to play basketball .... but that 'does not mean that the brain stops attempting to convince him!



It doesn't sound like Andrea was into the Knicks' orange Christmas jerseys:

I'm very excited for my first game ever during the day of December 25th ... I advise you not to lose it, especially for the meshes that we will be forced to wear in the field ...

Thanks, Andrea. Feel better. You seem cool.