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The Knicks will have a D-League affiliate in Westchester


Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

This is cool news. I'd heard before that the Knicks were trying to bring their D-League affiliate closer to home, and it looks like that's come to pass:

The Westchester County Center is in White Plains, not far from where the Knicks' training facility is located. The relocation should make it much easier for players to move back and forth between the Knicks and the...well, they won't still be called the BayHawks, will they? The White Plains Shopping Centers? White Plains Deer? Westchester Chestwesters?

They'll figure it out. This is good. It allows people in the area to check out the D-League franchise if they'd like, and it should strengthen ties between the Knicks and their affiliate. No word yet on when this is happening, but it seems like a plausible move to happen for next season.

Update: Ah, so it will be a new franchise instead: