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Heat 108, Knicks 82: "Was there a Knicks game on today?

They lost.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I dunno, what do you guys want to talk about? Do you want to talk about Shannon Brown and Earl Clark? Brown made his Knicks debut during actual minutes. He clearly didn't know what the Knicks were doing if they were indeed doing anything, and he just didn't look very good overall, but it was nice to see someone different. Brown scored off a weird-looking baseline drive and put down a very lofty one-handed dunk on a leak-out. Also bricked a corner three off, like, the inside of the backboard. Clark didn't enter until garbage time, at which point he got blocked on his first attempt as a Knick.

Oh, we're not gonna see the last few minutes of Garbage Time Brought To You By Brown And Clark because TNT mercifully cut away to the multi-overtime Raptors-Wizards game. I don't think I've ever seen TNT do this before. So no, rcnt123, in a way, there wasn't a Knicks game today!

No, seriously, they're gone. I walked my dog around the neighborhood and she picked up a stick the size of her body and carried it several blocks. She insists on holding sticks by their ends instead of in their middles, so she was dragging what might qualify as a branch along the sidewalk with some difficulty. She almost tripped a mailman.

I ate sushi for dinner. Ordered from a place I'd never ordered from before. It was decent. Is there any difference between the pink pickled ginger and the white pickled ginger, or is that just dye? I like to drink ginger ale with sushi and root beer with pizza. Jarritos with Mexican food, obviously. I take my soda pairings seriously.

I watched the season premiere of The Americans today. I love that show and the premiere was pretty exciting and I like how they're developing the children characters instead of letting them fade. I have to watch that show with the captions on for some reason. It's also weirdly dark. Like, the picture is dark and I can't quite see what's going on. That is my favorite show that makes me feel physically old.

If you guys want to learn a lot about animals, this is a great piece on wildebeests and what makes them unique. I'd never considered how strangely shaped those downturned snouts (shared with their relative species) are.

Oh, TNT's back on the Knicks. Steve Mills is at the game! Greg Oden dunked. Brown missed badly from the corner again, this time a two, and this time airballed by about nine feet. And the game's over. Knicks lose 108-82.

Patrick Gallagher shared this video the other day, and it both illustrates how I feel about the Knicks and makes me laugh:

24 more games.