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Friday Flowery Flounders



Good day! Game tonight, links for now:

Bothus mancus is also called the peacock flounder, but I picked the more alliterative name because it's Friday. These guys are crazy good at camouflage, though folks don't quite understand how. Today I also learned that a way to remember that the family Bothidae contains the lefteye flounders (flounders tend to have their eyes on the same side of the head because they lay flat, left in this case) is "that 'Bothidae (Both o' dey) eyes are on the same side o' dey head'". Mmhmm.

- Woodson: "Mathematically, we're still in the hunt." Herring: Well, yes, but...nahhhhhh.

Hank Ratner is being replaced by a person named "Tad" as the CEO of Madison Square Garden. I don't really know if that's a thing I'm supposed to care about, but I bet it is.

This is definitely the best tribute to Metta World Peace's Knick career to the tune of "I Shall Be Released" I've ever heard. (It's genuinely funny and bizarre.)

- Some Knicks and Knick reporters are influential on Twitter, you guys.

The early Knicks returns from the Sloan conference are SHOCKING.

- Tyson Chandler doesn't play cards on the plane because he's too sleepy :(

This is a nice piece on Clyde's restaurant that I'm mostly sharing because I like the image of a televised Toure' Murry presiding over a table of diners.

- In case you're wondering what the Knicks' decision to set up a new D-League team (which they'll actually own) in Westchester means to the BayHawks, here's an interview Ridiculous Upside did with the Erie team president.

That's it! Game's at 8. Be well.