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Warriors 126, Knicks 103: "The Knicks can't score and they can't defend."


Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks lost to the Warriors because they are a garbage basketball team. If tonight's game were a movie, the Knicks would be played by a bunch of extras off the street. They're in the frame, but only as backdrop. They do not register. That was the game. Here are some littler things:

- Raymond Felton is plainly distracted. I mean, he's been bad all season, but he wasn't throwing passes to nobody and losing his train of thought mid-dribble THIS regularly before. At least I don't think so.

- Clyde: "Lane violations are always despicable."

- Tyson Chandler got fucking humiliated tonight. I count myself among those who sympathize with Tyson and understand (I think) what's going on. He grew tired of being the only line of defense and is now openly mutinying on the floor. That's my explanation. Still, this is sad. Dude managed to make Jermaine O'Neal look 20 and make Marreese Speights look cool in the same night. That's like the double-double of petulant indifference.

- As netw3rk pointed out, Melo had no business with Tyson's little shoving outburst. I wouldn't either. That shit was stupid. So was barking at Speights and getting tossed immediately after Speights J'd twice in his eye. I cannot fully describe how bad a look that was.

- What if the Knicks get brainwashed before every game? What if they didn't even know who Stephen Curry is? Can we really rule that out?

- Purple Skittles or blue Skittles? The color of the bag, I mean. I feel like I choose between them randomly at the bodega.

- Toure' Murry actually got in there and ran a few wind sprints with Tim Hardaway Jr. Murry didn't look especially composed with the ball in his hands, but he looked alive, and that alone was enough to make him one of the Knicks' biggest contributors. Hardaway finally had a sharp night shooting (4-7 from downtown), too.

- Both those guys came close to making highlight plays, but Murry's baseline dunk attempt got blocked and Hardaway's got waved off by his inexplicable decision to grab the rim with his off hand.

- Meanwhile:

Just, like, without a whiff of irony.

In closing, here's Clyde, as quoted in the headline: "That score tells you two things, folks: The Knicks can't score and they can't defend." That's it right there. It was the second quarter when he said that, but it could have applied at any point in the game. Or season. These guys are dead.

23 more games. Tomorrow night is a vacation.