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Final Score: Bucks 101, Knicks 98

Awwwwww, damn.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks suck again! This was a loss no matter what happened. The Bucks are terrible and played the Knicks seriously short-handed. FARTDOG conquered that challenge with aplomb. Brandon Knight, who is not good, had another All-Star level night against New York's switch-everything, fall-and-die-at-every-screen perimeter defense and the Bucks, who are not good at shooting threes, drilled 11 of 18 from behind the arc.

Just playing the usual shit defense wouldn't have been enough to the short-handed worst team in the NBA. The Knicks also registered 100% farts on offense. Carmelo Anthony shook out of some rough patches to give the Knicks everything he had and J.R. Smith torched the Bucks from behind the arc, but aside from those two and their 66 combined points, nobody gave the Knicks anything at all.

So, it would have been a moral loss even if Melo and J.R. had pushed the Knicks over the top, but nope. Knight grabbed the Bucks the win they deserved with a backdoor catch-and-finish past Raymond Felton's lagging defense, then drilled the Lin-in-Toronto three right in Felton's eye to put the game away. The Knicks hardly got a shot off on their final possession with seconds left. I don't know about you, but I preferred a regulation loss to five more minutes of basketball, regardless of what that outcome would have been.

The Knicks are back to being the worst. Recap later. Probably in the morning. I'm just gonna go sit in the street.