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Friday Mediterranean Morays


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Good afternoon. There is a game tonight against the [checks schedule] Nuggets. There is also the looming possibility that Mike Woodson will get fired, which I...don't think will happen today. Of course, now it'll happen before I finish writing this post. In the meantime, here are some links!

- They say Romans used to keep pools of Mediterranean morays. They'd eat them, and they also supposedly tossed slaves in there (or at least threatened to) if they acted up. Morays have pharyngeal "second" jaws, so they can eat prey much bigger than they are. Like people, I guess? I don't know if that's a myth or not.

- Tonight is Carmelo Anthony bobblehead night. It's wearing an orange uniform, so it probably won't bobble properly. The head just falls off.

- Jared Dubin wrote a very thorough, well-reasoned thing about how the Knicks might be able to build around Melo going forward. It's not SO bleak. It's also not the most encouraging thing I've ever read.

- Nice Scott Cacciola piece on Amar'e Stoudemire, starting to feel a little bouncy again. Now please stay bouncy, Amar'e.

- Tim Hardaway Jr. will participate in that Shooting Stars contest with Tim Hardaway Sr.! They used to do this by team/city, but since Elena Della Donne is the third person in their group (she plays for the Chicago Sky), I guess this doesn't mean Tim Sr. will technically be on Team New York. Too bad.

- Important Stephon Marbury/Donnell Harvey news from yesterday.

New Metta World Peace book.

Great piece by Jim Hardavan Jr., but naaaaaah, it'll never happen.

That's all, really. Now we just go back to sitting and waiting.