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Final Score: Knicks 123, 76ers 110

Four straight!?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

The road was unnecessarily rocky, but the Knicks beat the 76ers in like 3.2 quarters, which is good. After horrid defense and forced shots let the Knicks fall behind by double-digits (to a *terrible* team) early, New York got its collective shit together to take over, fend off a comeback in the third quarter, then push the game out of hand early in the fourth quarter.

On a kind of spotty night for Carmelo Anthony, a couple other Knicks got super hot to generate New York's efficient offense. Tim Hardaway Jr. shot crazy well from downtown and finished cool stuff in transition. Amar'e Stoudemire dominated the low block and moved splendidly in the pick-and-slip. J.R. Smith chipped in 22 points and Raymond Felton had a quietly excellent game from downtown. New York's defense was pretty consistently horrible without Tyson Chandler, but they survived. They shot well and the Sixers reeeeeally suck.

That's four straight. Recap late tonight or in the morning. <3