Lawsuit to the Rescue!

Well, maybe not. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up too much.

But a lawsuit was recently filed that addresses many of the problems with Cablevision/MSG/NYK that vex all of us so. Click here and here if you want to read about it. (Warning: there's a picture of Jim Dolan's fat face.)

The gist of the lawsuit is that Cablevision is improperly being run by the Dolan family members strictly for the benefit of those family members rather than for the success of the company. The lawsuit claims that the Dolans on the board of directors have earned $100MM and don't even bother to come to work. Key passage:

Last year, Cablevision directors approved an even-more lucrative compensation package for James Dolan, who has been devoting more time to his role as lead singer in his own rock band, JD & The Straight Shot.

I doubt that this will bring any needed change, especially not any immediate change. But if this lawsuit progresses, there is likely to be plenty of news about how Jim Dolan makes $40MM a year to run teams that barely bring in any playoff revenue. Probably the most we can hope for is a slightly more objective board of directors.