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Tuesday Queen Parrotfishes


Good Tuesday! There is no game tonight. There is no [looks around] solid, useful progress in the Phil Jackson rumors. So let's look at some links!

- Parrotfishes like the queen parrotfish blow mucus bubbles and sleep inside them so parasites don't feast on them while they're sleeping. PARROTFISHES BLOW MUCUS BUBBLES AND SLEEP INSIDE THEM SO PARASITES DON'T FEAST ON THEM WHILE THEY'RE SLEEPING.

- Please note that Tyson Chandler's "personal reasons" are an illness in the family.

- I did a sleepy podcast with Bryan Gibberman just now. Did a lot of grumbling and whining about the Phil Jackson stuff.

- I don't think this Knicks VIP event thing is actually a response to the protest (and there are some mistakes in the copy), but it's still funny that the two events are on the same night.

- On that note: An interview with the protestors.

- Did you see Bernard King's Game Face's Fanpost about James Dolan getting sued? He's getting sued. For other stuff, but stuff that sounds pretty familiar still.

I had a chat with my friend Martin Rickman about what the Knicks should name their D-League team. Some of y'all's ideas came up.

Charles Oakley was on Chopped Sunday night and my friend J-Date did a full recap of Oak's cooking. This is important work. I have it taped if you wanna come over and watch it. I haven't yet.


Have a lovely evening. <3