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The Knicks have scheduled a Phil Jackson press conference for Tuesday

A deal is still not done, as far as we know.

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Kevork Djansezian

The Knicks have not yet hired Phil Jackson*. Here is the most recent report from ESPN:

Phil Jackson on Friday is expected to finalize an agreement to become president of the New York Knicks, sources have told ESPN.

Serving as Knicks president could prove to be the most challenging job of Phil Jackson's stellar career.
Todd Musburger, Jackson's Chicago-based agent, is in Los Angeles to finalize the contract with Jackson and Knicks officials, according to sources. Jackson's contract is expected to pay him $12 million a year, sources said.

Still, rumors of an announcement next Tuesday have been confirmed by the Knicks, who released today that they'll have a press conference to make a "major announcement" at Madison Square Garden 11 AM on the 18th. There's not a word about Philip in the press release. Just "major announcement." Maybe it's just Cole Aldrich farting into the mic and hollering "ANNOUNCEMENT!!!".

I know I'm being paranoid here, but...pen on paper, y'all. It's done when it's done, scheduled press conference or not.

*Update: At least two people's sources are saying this is, in fact, done. Just not officially announced yet is all.