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Let's watch the Knicks' Phil Jackson announcement together

11 AM.

Ronald Martinez

It's almost time and/or there is still time. Phil Jackson has only minutes left to say "Nah, actually, I met my spirit hummingbird in a glen yesterday and he informed me that New York's aura has gone from turquoise to vermillion this week, and that doesn't sit well with me. I do have an announcement: I will be accepting a job as President and General Manager of... [unfolds crumpled paper from chest pocket] the Stinking Bean Espresso Shed in Echo Park. Yeah, no, not the Knicks. No, I didn't sign the contract. I wrote 'I'll Think About It Let Me Consult My Spirit Hummingbird Nigel And Get Back To You' on the dotted line. That doesn't look anything like my signature. Anyway, see you never. To be honest, this wasn't even Phil Jackson this whole time. I'm just an exceptionally tall guy who looks like him. My name is Byron. I'm Phil's 'boring stuff' double. He sends his regards. Byeeeee", leaving the Knicks to make the following announcement at 11 AM: "Phil Jackson? Phil Jack-- ha! Ha ha ha. It's funny that you think we said that. We said BILGE ACTION. Bilge action. Ha, what a misunderstanding. No, no, ha, wouldn't that be nice. Bilge action. James Dolan is making us drain the poop water out of his yacht this afternoon. We will not be taking questions."

...or, at 11 AM, the Knicks will announce to the world that they've hired Phil Jackson as President of Basketball Operations or Some Similar Title. We'll probably hear from Dolan and from Philip, maybe there will be some goofy pageantry, and from that point forward Phil Jackson will be in charge of the Knicks and we'll just continue living in the world knowing that is the case.

The press conference will air on MSG at 11, and they say they'll have it streaming on as well. If you're watching, here's a place to talk about it. If they put up video afterward, I'll probably include it in some afternoon links that will probably happen.

Here's the live stream: