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Video and notes from Phil Jackson's introductory press conference as Knicks President

"Willingly and gratefully."

Maddie Meyer

Per press release: Phil Jackson is Knicks President. It just says "President". Steve Mills is general manager. Here is the press conference

Otherwise, here are some notes:

Barry Watkins made some comments that I didn't hear, then James Dolan spoke for a bit. He and Watkins both referenced Irving Azoff a few times. Dolan mades some weird side-mouthed comment about how Knicks people didn't take questions this year because they "didn't have answers", then tried to crack a joke about putting blame on Azoff.

Dolan, Jackson, and Mills then took questions, and they were pretty much all for Philip. Some things:

- Asked about Carmelo Anthony, Jackson called him one of the best isolation players in the game and repeated that he still has room to grow. He sounded positive about keeping Melo. He got asked again about it and continued to sound positive.

- Jackson will move to New York-- "I have to jump in with both feet"-- but he'll be back and forth a lot. He cited medical issues and his extended family as reasons to maintain time in Los Angeles. Also, the weather.

- Asked about the Triangle Offense, Philip semi-punted. He trumpeted his principles and the idea of "logical" basketball, but didn't say outright that he'd push for the Triangle. It did sound that way, though.

- Asked about Mike Woodson, Jackson said he'd support Woodson as the team pushes to make the playoffs (he mentioned making the playoffs this season a few times), then sit down with him when the season ends.

- Regarding the media, Jackson said "I will be accessible" and "I will be removed" with hardly a breath in between. "I'll try to monitor my blabbermouth." "I hate prevarication. I'll leave that job up to Steve." (Everyone acknowledges a smiling Steve Mills for the first time.)

- James Dolan on if he'll cede authority to Jackson: "Willing and gratefully, yeah."

- Dolan: "I am by no means an expert in basketball." "I think I'm a little out of my element when it comes to the team." "I found myself in a position where I had to be part of the decision-making for a little while." Oh, word?

- On that note, Jackson noted that he'd been talking to Dolan since January and wouldn't have taken the job if he didn't feel like had full control.

- Jackson says he's been watching the team since early November when Tyson Chandler got hurt.

- Asked about winning a championship, Jackson responded "Wow, you've jumped ahead", mentioning that a championship would be the end of a long process and "a capstone on a remarkable career that I've had."

- Dolan is super into Irving Azoff.

- They're not raising ticket prices for next season. He hopes the Knicks will have a good season next year, THEN they'll raise ticket prices. It was a good joke!

- Asked how much hands-on scouting stuff he'll do, Jackson responded "I don't know" but mentioned the NCAA Tournament and the Portsmouth Invitational and said he'd hoped to keep an eye on that stuff but mentioned that health problems make those kind of events difficult for him.

- Kiev is in Ukraine, not Serbia.


- Jackson on the Knicks: "I see a tremendous amount of footwork incorrectly." "Footwork is important. Passing is very important." "High school, junior high things." He's not coaching, though. He'll "insist" that a coach focus on those things.

I think Walt Frazier is going to interview Jackson as well. I'll add that video in if they put it up.

Here we go!