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Tuesday Amazon Leaffish


Ben Young Landis/Better Know a Fish

What a day! I have some links for you, starting with a bunch of crap from the post-press-conference James Dolan/Phil Jackson goings-on, then moving to some stuff I've collected over the last few days. This'll be a long one.

- The Amazon Leaffish has the badass adaptation of looking and behaving like a leaf floating at the water's surface. When dumb little prey fishes pay it no mind, it flips upright and attacks. Incidentally, the wonderful science blogger Ben Young Landis has given me permission to use his photos, so look forward to particularly excellent fishes henceforth. Definitely check out his post on Amazon leaffishes.

Okay, I didn't listen to the radio because I don't do that, but Jackson did some radio and Dolan(!!!!!) did, too, and they both said some good things (and Dolan said a few dumb things, but that's still better than nothing. So much better.) Here's a big ol' dump:

Nuh-uh on the Lin thing and [shivers] on the Grunwald thing, but okay. I'm happy Dolan talked. I hope he'll keep doing that, though I certainly don't expect it. Jackson sounds very cool. This has been a good, positive day. Great vibes all around. Let's see what happens when the business begins.

More things:

Netw3rk and JDoobz on Philip today was very good.

RAWTH on Dolan/Jackson: Also very good.

Chris Herring found the five team names the Knicks have staked claim upon for their new D-League franchise. Here they are, ranked in terms of badness: Bockers (NO. TERRIBLE.), Empire (So boring), 914s (Area code? Awful.), Hutch (Kinda cool, but not plural enough), Plainsmen (Still kinda eh).

- Nice "highlight" package of the Knicks' season to date (via).

- Carmelo Anthony, who has been saying all sorts of things, sounded pretty open to changing his game to fit whatever. He also thinks Philip makes New York more attractive to free agents.

- He is a free agent.

- I don't think the injury ended up matter, but note that the Knicks strongly considered sitting Iman Shumpert the night before the trade deadline (when he hurt his knee). They really wanted to deal him. Of course, an organizational change may give him new hope of remaining a Knick now.

- I guess this might change some? Not like CAA had a huuuuge chunk of the Knicks' roster anyway. More of a front office thing.

- I won't be linking to all the "Person Tangentially Connected to Phil Jackson/the Knicks comments on all this" articles...except for Metta World Peace.

- ...and an interview with Daniel Artest, just because.

- And Steve Kerr addressing the coaching rumors is worth a look/listen.

Herring goes deep on Tim Hardaway Jr., Knicks mascot.

- And here's Jonathan Topaz looking for Timmy comparables.

SPEED DRILLS with Melo, finally.

- Peter Vecsey, Knicks executive? No. Thanks, no.

- Tyson Chandler didn't practice Monday (presumably not today either) because of those family matters, but he'll be back for Wednesday's game.

Whew! That's all I've got. Back to basketball tomorrow night. Have a good one. Eat well.