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James Dolan, Steve Mills, and Phil Jackson riding ATVs in the desert

Chelsea Handler!

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Cacciola's report on how James Dolan and the Knicks courted Phil Jackson is the best report on how James Dolan and the Knicks courted Phil Jackson:

A desperate search for solutions had taken Dolan into the desert, where he was joined by Steve Mills, then the team's president and general manager; a guide; and a fourth member of their party, who was suddenly missing. One minute, they were zigzagging over dusty trails in their ATVs. Then, Dolan looked back. No one was there. "We lost Phil," he said.

I'm not sure it gets better than that, but it gets... just as good. Read. And stick around for Dolan telling tales that Jackson's already been a de facto part of the organization for some weeks, and has already been given some autonomy to work alongside Mills without meddling from above. It is funny and it is encouraging in its own Knicks-y way. It just needs some Clyde. Clyde riding ATVs in the desert would have made this perfect.