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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers- 3/19/14


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! Basketball still! The Knicks' streak and their uphill climb toward stealing a playoff spot meets it's first challenge in a while Wednesday night. The Pacers have been in a bit of a funk (even their recent win streak isn't fully convincing because it's against bad teams, which...sounds familiar) but they are still good at basketball, and they've annihilated the Knicks at least once this season. There was that other time, of course.

Anyway, New York's offense has been downright elite over the last couple weeks. How will it look against Indiana's league-best defense? And can they get away with the same poor defensive habits that have been downplayed recently because of awful competition? (The Pacers are ranked 20th overall in offensive efficiency, which is bad. All of the Knicks' last five opponents are below them.) If New York is serious about this playoff thing, the answers will be "still good", "no, and we realize that so we'll do better". Perhaps the introduction of and a little talking-to from Phil Jackson will inspire them?

As far as I know, everyone who is usually available will be available. Last we heard, Tyson Chandler was skipping practice to tend to the illness in his family, but should start tonight.

Oh, and though it is raining and though the Knicks have done nothing but win and hire one of the most successful people in NBA history as an executive since the initial plans, that protest is still supposed to take place tonight. I'm actually gonna run up there and take a look then hustle back here to watch the game. (I'm probably there or on my way back from there now. This was written in the past. Hello, future friends!!!!!)

Anyway, tip-off is at 8 PM. This game is on ESPN and MSG...which will have some special stuff. Please don't post large photos, GIFs, or links to illegal streams in the thread. Make it seven, Knicks.