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Game Thread: Knicks at 76ers- 3/21/14

Eight straight!?

Good evening! After the Knicks successfully crossed the speed bump that was a meeting with the Pacers, they're back to another soft patch of schedule. It begins tonight with a visit to Philadelphia, where the Sixers have lost...I can't even count this high. 22 straight games? God damn. So, yeah, either they have no will left and will just recline on the floor while the Knicks stomp them for the second time in two weeks...or they'll be really feisty and desperate for a win. The Knicks should probably beat them either way.

Everyone who was available is available. Same starting lineup. No Phil Jackson in the house this time, but his good vibez are still lingering.

Tip-off tonight is at 7. This is your game thread. This is the wonderful Liberty Ballers. I've gotta tape this one because I'm working and some weird college kids are playing basketball tonight, but there will be a recap up by tomorrow, either from me or a buddy. Make it eight, Knicks!