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Knicks 93, 76ers 92: "A poopy win is still a win!"

Technically, that's an eighth straight win.

Hoooo-wee, that was stupid. The Knicks and 76ers flung bricks at each other for a couple hours, shooting a combined 17-70 from downtown, which is stupid and bad. Carmelo Anthony was terribly cold all night and the rest of the Knicks followed suit. But at long last, they blew it open in the fourth quarter. Amar'e Stoudemire and Tim Hardaway Jr. finished a bunch of uncontested run-out dunks, Iman Shumpert canned a jumper or two, and when a Tyson Chandler floater(!!?!!?!) put the Knicks up 15 with five minutes to go, you knew it was done.



Mike Woodson definitely thought so. He sat everyone between the 5:00 and 4:00 mark, letting his bench bros ride the rest of the game out. But they didn't ride it out, they piloted it directly into a nosedive. The Sixers hit a string of threes and cut the Knicks' lead to TWO in the final minute, only to fumble away their potential game-winning possession and fail to get a good shot in their final chance to tie.

Just get on the bus and get the hell out of there, Knicks. You got your eight straight and your little boost in the standings, even if the process was rather poopy, like LadyKnick said.