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Sunday Flame Hawkfish


Ben Young Landis/CC-BY

Good day! The Knicks play the Cavaliers at home tonight. I have some links for you to smell between now and then.

- From our friend at Better Know a FishHawkfishes are hawkfishes "because of their habit of perching atop coral branches like hawks - then bursting off for circling swims to patrol their patch of territory, before returning to their favorite perching branch." By this logic, my dog's relationship with the top of my couch qualifies her as a hawkdog.

I did a podcast! Had a most fun conversation with the thoughtful guys at The Lottery Mafia. Most fun. (Hope to get a new episode of my own podcast up at some point this week. Couldn't get one done this weekend.)

Nice column from Marc Berman on Phil Jackson's near-departure from basketball back when he was in charge of the Albany Patroons.

- Especially if you, like me, aren't totally studied up on what the Triangle Offense is, Taylor Armosino's analysis of its viability today is worth a read.

- Ian Begley's breakdown of the Knicks' schedule going forward compared to fellow bottom-seed aspirants Charlotte and Atlanta is worth a look if you're feeling hopeful.

- Always weird/interesting to read about James Dolan's non-Knicks dealings within the Madison Square Garden realm.

- A lot of Knicks didn't go to college, but of the ones who did attend school, there's quite a bit of postseason success. MEMORIEZ.

- If you want to read a Knick go long on Phil Jackson, here's Tim Hardaway Jr.'s latest entry in his Men's Fitness diary thing.

Those are the links! Feel free to use this as a Madness thread until game time, too. See ya later.