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P&T has three new writers!


Posting and Toasting is my sweet little baby and I love it so (turned 7 this month!). Alas, I feel I've failed P&T this season. It should be growing bigger and better, but it has lagged both in content and quality. I have my excuses for being a deadbeat, but we'll skip past those and go straight to the part where I introduce three new people who will be contributing on a regular basis henceforth:

WScottD! You used to know him as WSD. He's been a poster here for a while and an editor at Buckets Over Broadway and a contributor to The Knicks Wall for some time as well. He is good. Here he is on Twitter.

ChristianBaber! You used to know him as Paul Chillsap. He's written us tons of great analytical comments and Fanposts and he did some of our draft analysis posts in 2013. He is good. Here he is on Twitter.

MMiranda! You used to know him as mem13. He's been around a year or so and has been spitting out a constant stream of thoughtful Fanposts in that time. I don't know if he's on Twitter.

And, of course, we still have bluecheese999 doing his weekly Wonder Room of arcane stats.

I am still Seth. I am still the editor. We will still speak regularly. I just want more, better posts, plus occasional help with news and recaps when I am otherwise occupied. Y'all deserve a P&T that isn't just my spottily updated personal blog.

That said: If you want to contribute to P&T, I am still looking for writers, but I am picky. You should be willing to commit your time without getting much in return. You should already have an account at P&T with a history of writing great comments and Fanposts. I do not want to see your resume or your other writing experience. I want to see that you have thoughtful things to say about the Knicks and that you get how this community operates.

In the meantime, welcome Scott, Christian, and MMiranda! You'll see them posting around here soon enough. Lakers tonight, y'all.