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Wednesday Ballyhoos


Kevin Hadley

Hello, welcome to Seth's Link Hut. I got links of all kinds for the whole family. Perhaps you'd like to try a few before the Knicks face the Kings tonight.

- So, first I read about halfbeaks on Better Know a Fish. Halfbeaks have long, pointy lower mandibles that protrude forth from their fish snouts like needles. They're basically dick chins. They also look super edible. Then I learned the ballyhoo-- most familiar as a bait fish-- is one such halfbeak and its name comes from a native Brazilian term meaning "penis fish." The dictionary says the English word "ballyhoo," like a commotion, is of unknown origin. THEREFORE I conclude from my five minutes of research that whenever we say the word "ballyhoo," we are talking about penis fish.

- From Knickerblogger post-Knicks-Lakers: Bib Sillyvimmle went absolutely bananas with surreal poetry and Jeremy Conlin drank wood finish. Good times.

Dylan Murphy did the best job of explaining some basic motions of the Triangle Offense while imagining how the present Knicks fit into them. Dylan Murphy does the best job.

- Meanwhile, Chris Herring is all like "uh, you know it's mostly defense that the Knicks suck at, right?".

- I talked about Knicks things on the TKB podcast.

- I haven't been paying attention to the Knicks' record because I regard it as more of an abstract gloom totem than an actual number, but they've officially clinched a losing record. Can't believe it took this long. This is the first time Carmelo Anthony has ever been on a losing team.

- Nice (from a few days ago) piece by Gus Crawford on how Amar'e Stoudemire's been performing and how he can keep it up.

- Look at Melo all the way out there on the right!

- Two Times things: 1. A profile of Irving Azoff, the man thanked profusely for brokering Phil Jackson's Knicks signing. 2. Some words with Jackson after the game in Los Angeles. Between that second piece and the whole thing about ATVs last week, it's clear who Jackson and company have chosen as their preferred paper to bring their words and stories. It's interesting because the Post has recently been the Knicks' favorite tool for (anonymously) getting words out there.

Jared's thing on pre-game warmups is awesome and...well, it's not that related, but fuck it, I'm linking this old Warriors video.

- Late addition: Spero Dedes on Kenny Ducey's podcast!

10:00 tip tonight. See you then!