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Video: All nine of J.R. Smith's threes in Sacramento

(Plus some other fine plays.)

This video comes from the inimitable Oakley & Allen, and it shows each of J.R. Smith's nine three-pointers Wednesday night against the Kings, plus some other nice stuff like that alley-oop to a reverse Tyson Chandler dunkydunk. On second look, a few of these J.R. touches came off more complex action than I described in the recap. You see a couple basic trailing threes and kick-out threes from the post or simple penetration. You also see some space created by nice on-ball stuff like that scissor-y double pick for Pablo Prigioni or the multiple screens set for Raymond Felton curling up from the baseline. J.R. was hot all night, but plays like those got him the cleanest looks.

That huge block and trailing bucket in transition is still my favorite, though. Good game.